FlyAway Homes, a local developer that has made headlines for its shipping container housing projects, has filed plans to construct affordable housing in South Los Angeles.

The proposed development, slated for a 9,300-square-foot site at 837 W. 82nd Street, would consist of a three-story building featuring 16 very low-income affordable apartments with a manager's unit.

According to a project page from the FlyAway Homes website, the $4.5-million project will be privately financed, including the cost of the property itself, which will be purchased by an investor and leased to FlyAway Homes.

The completed building will house 32 formerly homeless persons, with placement and supportive services to be provided by The People Concern.  

WEST Builders is serving as the project's construction partner, and will assemble prefabricated modular units manufactured in Canada.

Per the FlyAway Homes website, the company's use of manufactured housing modules allows for a shorter development timeline, including four months for planning and permitting and six months of construction.  Total costs per housing units range between $120,000 and $140,000.

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