A presentation scheduled for the March 28 meeting of the Pasadena Design Commission reveals more design tweaks for a proposed multifamily residential development at the intersection of Union Street and Mar Vista Avenue.

The project from property owners Alexander and Kathy Metaxas, named for its address at 130-140 N. Mar Vista Avenue, would consist of a four-story building featuring 23 one- and two-bedroom apartments above partially subterranean parking for 27 vehicles. Slated to replace two single-family homes and a duplex, the new housing would include three units reserved for rent by very low-income and moderate-income households.

Aerial view of proposed development at 130-140 N Mar Vista Avenue in PasadenaTighe Architecture

As with the prior iteration of the project last seen in August 2021, Tighe Architecture is designing 130-140 Mar Vista. Architectural plans still show an L-shaped footprint and large, landscaped setbacks along both Union Street and Mar Vista Avenue, with residential units and enclosed amenities at street level.

Changes to the project in the past two years, in advance of its application for final design review, were intended to address comments and feedback provided at the project's preliminary consultation. Notably, previous plans for exterior finishes of stucco and metal panels have been altered slightly, with textured fiber cement boards now proposed on some facades.

130-140 N Mar Vista AvenueGoogle Maps

A staff report states that the project has addressed past feedback, and takes steps to fit into its surrounding context. The report recommends approval by the Commission.

The proposed apartment building would rise two blocks from the intersection of Walnut Street and Catalina Avenue, where the Salvation Army is now building a mixed-use development centered on permanent supportive housing.

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