After six years of planning, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) is finally preparing to begin construction this summer on a $20-million MyFigueroa project that will make enhance cycling and pedestrian infrastructure between Exposition Park and Downtown Los Angeles.

Per the website of LADOT's Bike Program, MyFigueroa will include the following elements:

Figueroa Street from 7th Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard

  • On-street protected bike lanes
  • Separate bike signal heads
  • Bike boxes at intersections
  • Demarcated on-street protected bicycle lanes in conflict zones
  • Bicycle Wrong Way signs to discourage travel in the non-intended direction
  • Bus platforms to accommodate transit service, including Metro and LADOT DASH F Line
  • Curb ramps from the sidewalk to ADA accessible bus platforms
  • Protected, painted on-street buffered bicycle lanes
  • Relocated parking between the bicycle lane and first lane of traffic
  • Diamond lane for on-peak Silver Line
  • Center turn lane and right turn pockets as needed

11th Street from Figueroa Street to Broadway

  • On-street parking that is protected with curb extensions at intersections
  • One-way westbound bicycle facility, separated from moving traffic by a painted buffer
  • Expanded sidewalks
  • Seating and planting on sidewalks
  • Pedestrian and bicycle connections to downtown, neighborhoods, and local businesses

Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard from Figueroa Street to Vermont Avenue

  • Repaired sidewalk paving
  • Street lighting
  • Improved transit waiting areas
  • Highly visible crosswalk striping

Completion in scheduled for 2017.

The project will coincide with other transportation and infrastructure projects, include the proposed Downtown streetcar and similar streetscape improvements planned for 7th Street.