A ribbon-cutting ceremony held on May 20 marked the debut of a new bike and pedestrian trail flanking the Long Beach International Gateway Bridge.

The project, officially known as the Mark Bixby Memorial Bicycle-Pedestrian Path and Ocean Boulevard Connector, runs along the southern side of the bridge and reaches a maximum height of 205 feet above the water. In addition to a trail, the project includes three overlooks with informational signage and benches. Additionally, the Ocean boulevard Connector, which links the bridge path to Downtown Long Beach, includes its own viewing area with additional informational and architectural features.

“Today, we celebrate the opening of the Mark Bixby Memorial Bicycle-Pedestrian Path and Ocean Boulevard Connector, a testament to our commitment to providing recreational opportunities and a healthy lifestyle for all,” said Long Beach Mayor Rex Richardson in a news release. “This path not only honors the memory of Mark Bixby, a remarkable advocate for cycling and dedicated community servant, but also fulfills the community’s long-standing desire for bicycle and pedestrian access to the Port of Long Beach.”

View of the Long Beach International Gateway Bridge in 2020Port of Long Beach

The Bixby Path is open from 5 am to 9 pm daily, allowing visitors to travel from the southwest corner of Ocean Boulevard and Golden Shore, and terminates above Terminal Island. In other words: sorry, no bike rides to San Pedro.

The project is named in honor of Mark Bixby, an activist who led the efforts incorporate a bike path included into the design of the new bridge, which debuted in October 2020. Bixby and four others died in an airplane crash in 2011.

The total cost of the Long Beach International Gateway Bridge, which replaced the Gerald Desmond Bridge, was roughly $1.57 billion. The Ocean Boulevard Connector carried a $17.5-million price tag, which the Port of Long Beach covered in part through $7.1 million in state and federal funds.

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