According to the Downtown News, longtime DTLA developer and landowner Joseph Hellen has released a revised design for a proposed 40-story, 420-foot tall apartment tower at 525 South Spring Street.  


Previous incarnations of the the project include a parking structure with ground-floor retail, a 12-story mid-rise structure, and finally a 40-story apartment high-rise designed by architecture firm Martinez + Cutri.  The most recent iteration of the proposal is designed by Steinberg Architects in collaboration with TSK Architects.  It retains the project's 40-story height, but also incorporates plans to renovate the three adjacent Broadway theaters also owned by Hellen - the Roxie, Cameo and Arcade.


All three theaters are currently being utilized as swap meets.  Hellen's firm Downtown Management is currently exploring options for the usage of these theaters including live entertainment as well as retail spaces - a precedent already set by the Urban Outfitters currently occupying the Rialto Theater at 810 South Broadway.


The new design for the tower features an undulating facade reminicent of both Aqua Tower in Chicago and locally, Rick Caruso's 8500 Burton Way project.  The tower will feature 360 one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments, all built to condominium level specifications.  At ground level, plans call for approximately 9,400 square feet of retail space.


While current guidelines dicate that the project shall contain no more than three levels of above-grade parking, Downtown Management has requested that six stories of garage space be allowed, setting aside a portion of that for visitors to the Roxie, Cameo and Arcade theaters.