A 102-year-old building in the Arts District is poised for major changes, according to plans filed earlier today with the City of Los Angeles.

1711 Lincoln - a Beverly Hills-based limited liability company - has submitted an application to add approximately 53,000 square feet of new floor area to a property at 2057 E. 7th Street.  The project site, which encompasses a three-story brick structure and an adjoining parking lot, is slated for a new hotel, as well as event space, a rooftop pool deck, and other ancillary functions.

Additional details about the proposed hotel are currently unclear, although the project would include more than 50 guest rooms.

The development site is surrounded by a series of ground-up and adaptive reuse projects, including the AMP Lofts, an under-construction project that wraps around the property.  Across the street, a former Ford Factory has been restored as office space, and will soon become the new Los Angeles area home of Warner Music Group.