Two years ago, plans were announced to construct a mixed-use development incorporating Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood.  Now, the owners of Barney's, Laurel Hardware, and Ysabel have teamed with the New York-based Vella Group to produce an updated vision for the project at 8445 Santa Monica Boulevard.

The new proposal - which is being designed by Lucas Museum architect Ma Yansong - calls for the construction of a mid-rise building that would contain an 88-room hotel and 45 apartments - including 11 priced below market rate.  Plans also call for three restaurants - including Barney's - and an 80-seat live music venue and recording studio that will be located underground and on the south side of the property to avoid disturbing neighbors.  Construction will span a total of five levels below grade to accommodate a parking garage.

Renderings show an undulating glass structure wrapped with transparent balconies and greenery.  It would provide a new public plaza at the corner of Olive Drive and Santa Monica Boulevard, offering a connection to nearby Veteran's Memorial Park.

“We wanted to create something beautiful and forward-thinking while still acknowledging the geographical and cultural importance of the site. The building design is meant to complement the site’s location near the Santa Monica foothills by integrating curvilinear architectural elements and a landscape design that progresses from the ground floor, vertically along the building’s façades, and includes water features and expansive views,” said Ma Yansong, who is the founding principal of MAD Architects.

One uncertain element of the project is the existing Barney's building.  Although the ownership group hopes to preserve its significant features and incorporate it into the new development, it is unclear how much of it could survive construction due to its age.

According to project spokesman Aaron Green, the development team has just held its first public outreach meeting in advance of an official submission to the City of West Hollywood.  An exact timeline for 8445 Santa Monica has not been announced.