An upcoming presentation to the South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission unveils a new look for a proposed multifamily residential development in the University Park neighborhood.

Last year, Champion Real Estate Company filed an entitlement application with the Planning Department to construct a low-rise development featuring 99 five-bedroom apartments - including five affordable units - at 806 W. Adams Boulevard.  At the time, the project was depicted as a series of contemporary three-story buildings seated atop a common podium.

The revised design by MVE + Partners is similar in scale - though the project now calls for 102 apartments and 255 parking spaces - but drops the modern architecture in favor of a look which incorporates elements of Craftsman homes, a common feature in the University Park area.  Plans call for an exterior composed of stucco, wood panels, and stone veneer.

The Area Planning Commission is scheduled to consider two appeals of a zoning administrator's determination issued in May 2019.

The first, submitted by the North University Park Community Association, contends that the proposed development should be required to conduct a full environmental study due to its adjacency to multiple historic properties.

The second appeal, filed by Champion Real Estate, seeks to overturn the zoning administrator's denial of the project's site plan review application.  The zoning administrator had determined that the project's above-grade parking, site design, and rooftop amenities were not comparable to surrounding residential buildings.

The hearing is scheduled to occur on August 6.

Champion Real Estate has previously developed a 24-unit apartment complex on Vermont Avenue - also near USC.

Champion aquired the property at 806 W. Adams Boulevard last year from the John Tracy Clinic, its current occupant.  The redevelopment of the project site will allow the organization to relocate to a smaller facility.