Earlier this month, landscape architecture firm SWA Group unveiled its new master plan for Glendale's Central Park, a public green space located west of the Americana shopping center.

The project, which was considered last week by the Glendale City Council, was prompted by an earlier plan to redevelop a portion of the park's existing green space with the future Armenian American Museum.  SWA's master plan compensates for the loss of usable area with calls for transforming an existing parking lot behind the Glendale Central Library into new green space.

The master plan envisions an existing paseo that originates at Brand Boulevard into the park, as well as the addition of a second north-south paseo leading to Colorado Street.  The park could also see the removal of an existing utility shed at its southeast corner, creating additional space for programming.

In total, the redesigned park would expand its usable square footage from the existing 76,000 square feet to more than 92,000.  Glendale could eventually program the upgraded space with outdoor concerts, taichi, festivals and a seasonal skating rink.

Glendale has also explored plans for additional Downtown green space through a $150-million freeway cap park.