Clarett West Development and DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners have broken ground on a mixed-use office complex in Downtown Culver City.


The project, called Brick and Machine, is located on a nearly 29,000-square-foot site at the northeast corner of Washington Boulevard and Delmas Terrace.  Plans call for the construction of a three- and four-story edifice containing 60,000 square feet of offices atop 13,000 square feet of ground-floor retail and parking for 223 vehicles.

Designed by Abramson Architects, the building will consist of two interlocked structures of different character.  

The Brick, located on the northern property line, will have a facade composed of its namesake material in deference to surrounding historic structures.  

Machine, fronting Washington Boulevard, will be lined with a series of exterior screens that offer glare and temperature control.  

A landscaped courtyard will double as a light well at the center of the property.  Additional open space is to be provided in the form of a rooftop deck.

Construction is anticipated to occur over an approximately 20-month period, according to an environmental study conducted for the project.

Downtown Culver City has recently seen the addition of another mixed-use office building - the Culver Steps - which is now home to Amazon Studios.

The project site sits just south of the Palms neighborhood, where a number of multifamily residential developments are now in the works along Venice Boulevard.