In Westwood, the mid-rise office building that once housed the administrative offices of UCLA Extension is coming down for new student housing.

University Extension

The eight-story, 93,000-square-foot building, completed in the early 1970s at the northwest corner of Gayley and Le Conte Avenues, will be replaced by a 17-story tower featuring 1,167 beds for upper-division undergraduate students.

Demolition of the UNEX Building should be completed by next month.

An environmental study conducted for the project estimated that construction would be completed in mid-2021.

Margan Apartments

Just west of the UNEX property, the frame of the 10-story Margan Apartments is now taking shape at 885 Levering Avenue. 

At completion, the building will feature 216 beds for undergraduate students in 42 apartments.

A completion date for the project has not been published.

Southwest Campus Apartments

At 900 Weyburn Place, site preparation is beginning at the site of Warren Hall and the Hillblom Center, which will make way for the Southwest Campus Apartments. 

The project will consist of three buildings ranging between eight and ten stories in height, featuring 1,958 beds for upper-division undergraduate students and 321 beds for graduate students.  Plans also call for meeting spaces, laundry facilities, a mailroom, and multi-purpose space.

Tree removal and soft demolition of the existing structures are anticipated to begin before the end of February and in early March.  Past reports point to a completion date in 2022.  

Lot 15 Residence Hall

At the northwest corner of the UCLA campus, site prep is scheduled to begin this month for a new residence hall at Lot 15. 

The project, designed by Mithun, will consist of two eight-story buildings containing 1,781 beds for first- and second-year undergraduate students, as well as common spaces.

An environmental study conducted by the university forecast a completion date in 2021.

The ongoing projects will ultimately create more than 5,435 student beds, a substantial portion of the total 6,900 beds called for in UCLA's Student Housing Plan.  Other sites near Bradley International Hall and Drake Stadium could year an additional 1,400 student beds.

The need for more student housing options in Westwood has become apparent in recent years, as Westwood has emerged as arguably the most expensive neighborhoods for renters in California, and among the priciest in the entire country.  Some private developers have looked to enter the fray, including two physicians who have proposed a 16-story tower just east of the UCLA campus.