A community meeting held earlier this month in Beverly Hills provided an update on plans to add a second entrance to the under-construction Wilshire/Rodeo Station.

When we last discussed the project in August 2020, three alternatives were under consideration for the second entrance location, which would supplement the already under-construction south portal at Wilshire's intersection with Reeves Drive. The Beverly Hills City Council has since selected a location at the northwest corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Beverly Drive, adjacent to the Wilshire Beverly Center office complex.

Rendering of Wilshire/Rodeo Station entrance at Wilshire and ReevesMetro

Above street level, plans call for a new glass-enclosed entryway, similar to those which can be seen on new stops on the K Line and Regional Connector. Plans also call for one up escalator and one staircase, leading into a 170-foot-long tunnel which would feed into Wilshire/Rodeo Station's concourse level.

Construction is currently anticipated to occur between January 2025 and March 2027.

Purple Line extension mapCity of Beverly Hills

According to a staff report, the total cost of the north portal is expected to be $134.2 million. Under terms of the settlement agreement which led to the project's inception, Metro and the City of Beverly Hills are expected to split the cost of the new portal up to the original estimated budget of $78.5 million. However, the two entities are expected to negotiate the split of any amount beyond that original estimate. As a result, Beverly Hills City Council will be required to decide on whether or not to move forward with the north portal or reallocate existing funding to other projects such as first/last mile improvements.

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