In El Segundo, construction continues at 888 N. Douglas Street, where Hackman Capital Partners is converting a shuttered Northrop Grumman facility into a sprawling office campus. 


The 30-acre property, located just west of Metro's Aviation/LAX light rail station, consists of four industrial buildings what are being repurposed as 550,000 square feet of office space. 

The Gensler-designed campus will make use of existing sawtooth skylights, while also adding new bridges, catwalks, staircases, and railway corridors to link the buildings together.  Plans also call for a series of landscaped pathways and courtyards.

A large surface parking lot will surround the campus, providing space for a potential future expansion.

The project, originally scheduled to open in mid-2020, is now on pace for completion in 2021.

Hackman Capital Group, based out of Culver City, is also behind the more than $620-million expansion of the historic Culver Studios, which will become Amazon's new Los Angeles area headquarters.