In anticipation of its centennial in 2018, the Otis College of Art and Design is adding nearly 100,000 square feet of new facilities to its main Goldsmith Campus in Westchester.

Construction is already underway on the primary component of the improvement project: a 91,000 square foot structure located along the campus' western perimeter.  The low-rise structure will be divided into separate residential and academic wings, linked together by a 300-seat auditorium at ground level.


The residential wing, located along Loyola Boulevard, will consist of four levels of student housing above dining facilities and the Godlsmith Campus' main library.  Plans call for an assortment of four-person suites, featuring double bedrooms, a common living room and private bathrooms.  The suites would provide housing for up to 234 students, supplemented by additional living quarters for four resident advisors, an artist in residence, and a resident director.

The four-story academic wing, located immediately north of the campus parking garage, will feature the student union and resource center on its ground floor.  Upper levels will consist entirely of academic space that can be subdivided into classrooms, studios and labs.

The residential and academic wings will frame a landscaped central quad, intended to serve as the heart of the campus.

A first phase of the campus expansion - a new Wood and Metal shop - was completed this past April.  The approximately 5,000-square-foot facility sits at the northern end of the future outdoor commons, near the intersection of Loyola and Lincoln Boulevards.

The project is being designed by a collaboration between Ehrlich Architects and Frederick Fisher and Partners, with guidance from Otis College's faculty and academic assembly.  Plans call for an open design, featuring floor-to-ceiling glass storefronts to create greater transparency.  Upper levels for both the academic and residential wings will be clad with the same materials to provide visual harmony across the campus.

For more information on the campus improvement project, visit the Otis College website.