More prime real estate across the street from MacArthur Park could could be slated for affordable housing, per a motion by 1st District Councilmember Gil Cedillo.

The Los Angeles Economic and Workforce Development Department issued a request for proposals in December 2016, with the hopes of finding a developer to reactive the historic Westlake Theater at 634 S. Alvarado Street as a live performance venue.  The RFP also included four surrounding parcels - which are owned by the Housing and Community Investment Department - in order to facilitate the potential development of a mixed-use project that would provide parking for the theater.

As the RFP did not receive a timely response, ownership of the Westlake Theater has been returned to CRA/LA, and the four HCID property can now be made available for the development of affordable housing.

Cedillo's motion directs HCID to add the four pacels at 619-629 S. Westlake Avenue to a larger request for proposals seeking affordable housing development on various City-owned properties.  The motion is subject ot the approval of City Council's Housing Committee, before proceeding to a vote of the full body.

The property is just one block north of 1930 Wilshire Boulevard, where a local property owner has proposed a large mixed-use development consisting of a high-rise apartment building, a hotel and a Sri Lankan cultural center.

Metro is also partnering with developer McCormick Baron Salazar on an affordable housing complex directly atop the Westlake/MacArthur Park subway station.