In late 2014, Google purchased 12 acres of undeveloped land in Playa Vista, setting off a barrage of new office leases that turned the neighborhood into a major hub of Los Angeles' tech industry.  The Mountain View-based company followed this move in mid-2016 by leasing the entirety of the historic Spruce Goose hangar, which will reportedly house anywhere from 315,000 to 525,000 square feet of office space.

To create its new Southern California offices, Google is building a three-story steel-frame structure within the cavernous hangar, which was originally constructed in the 1940s by Howard Hughes.  New skylights and windows are also being carved into the building to allow natural lighting.

City records indicate that architecture firm RKF is designing the project.  Renderings portray a repainted exterior, as well as interior spaces that open to a bow-truss ceiling.

The building was sold last year by Ratkovich Co. for approximately $300 million, according to the Los Angeles Times.