An initial study published by the California Department of Parks and Recreation reveals more on plans to activate plans for 18 acres of new park space next to the Los Angeles River.

The project site, commonly referred to as "the Bowtie," was once a part of the Southern Pacific Railroad's Taylor Yard, which was vacated starting the 1980s. State and local officials, as well as local community groups, have long sought to transform the parcel - along with the rest of the Taylor Yard's roughly 100 acres - into public green space.

Aerial view of the Bowtie ParcelCA State Parks

The proposed park, which dovetails with plans to invest in the restoration of the adjacent Los Angeles River channel, call for remediating the site and adding improvements including:

  • a native plant demonstration garden;
  • vista points facing the river;
  • an event space within the historic turntable pit;
  • internal multi-use trails;
  • open meadow areas,
  • picnic spaces, and seating;
  • a welcome kiosk with restrooms,
  • a parking area and vehicle access point; and
  • internal maintenance areas for State Park staff.

Rendering of the wetlands area at the BowtieCA State Parks

Improvements included with this project would complement a proposed wetlands area at the northern corner of the Bowtie parcel, as well as the adjoining Paseo del Rio greenway, which would create an additional 12 acres of park space within the Taylor Yard.

Pending approvals by a variety of state, federal, and local agencies, construction of park space at the Bowtie parcel is expected to commence in late 2025 and be completed over an approximately two-year period.

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