In an effort to speed up its trains and boost service frequencies, Metrolink has recently started making strategic investments at choke points across its more than 500-mile system. In a parallel effort, the agency is also looking to expand its services by adding new stations in Los Angeles County.

Metro, as part of its regional rail plan for the coming fiscal year (h/t/ @numble), is looking to fund studies for the construction of new infill stops near LA General Medical Center and the Pico Rivera community. The new stations would be served by the San Bernardino and Orange County Lines, respectively.

View of the K Line's LAC + USC Medical Center Station, which would abut the proposed infill Metrolink stationWikimedia Commons

The new stop near LA General Medical Center, located near the border between the Boyle Heights and Lincoln Heights neighborhoods, would represent a multi-modal expansion of the existing LAC+USC Medical Center Station on the El Monte Busway, which is served by Metro's K Line, as well as other Metro and Foothill Transit buses.

The study of the Pico Rivera Station, which was initiated in February, would explore the construction of a new stop on the Orange County Line which would be located just west of Rosemead Boulevard. The City of Pico Rivera is packaging the proposed regional rail station with other proposed transit lines to make the city a regional transportation hub. Those projects include an upcoming extension of E Line (formerly Eastside Gold Line) through the city and a bus rapid transit line slated for Rosemead Boulevard. The latter project could represent the start of a longer 26-mile transit line which could run as far south as Long Beach.

Conceptual rendering of Vista Canyon Metrolink stationMetro

Other Metrolink projects in the regional rail work program include an analysis of potential grade separation of the Metro-owned right-of-way near the Metrolink Baldwin Park Station and a study evaluating the use of rail multiple units on the San Bernardino Line.

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