Another site on the L.A. Waterfront may be offered up for a commercial development.

Last month, the Port of Los Angeles issued a request for qualifications for the development of the Cabrillo Way Marina, located at 2293 S. Miner Street in San Pedro.  Considered the largest marina development opportunity available at the Port, the site encompasses 46 acres of land and 41 acres of water.  It currently functions with a mix of boat storage and surface parking, divided into northern and southern areas connected by a promenade.

Through a public-private partnership, a private developer would be responsible for the operation, management, and maintenance of new commercial facilities at the marina.  Though the official development opportunity site spans roughly 12 acres - inclusive of existing development pads and surface parking - the area could be expanded onto an overflow parking lot across 22nd street if a proposed development could provide a facility to consolidate existing parking at the marina.

A 2003 supplemental environmental report approved by the Harbor Department accounts for a roughly 90,000-square-foot development at the site, although the request for proposals would also allow applicants to conceive a larger project or a phased development extending beyond current entitlements.  While the request for qualifications does not specify a desired type of project, the prior study of the Cabrillo Way Marina assessed the potential for office, retail, restaurant, and hotel uses.  

A statement of qualifications is due to the Port of Los Angeles by January 29, 2019, with an official request for proposals scheduled to be released afterward.

A new commercial project at the Cabrillo Way Marina would be located just south of the San Pedro Public Market, the planned redevelopment of the dated Ports o' Call Village with new shops, restaurants, and open space.  It would also sit just west of the AltaSea campus, a new marine research center located on another berth.