With the release of a draft environmental impact report (DEIR), a proposed mixed-use complex in East Hollywood has taken another step towards reality.

The project, intended for a 1.1-acre site at 5750 Hollywood Boulevard, would consist of a seven-story edifice featuring 161 residential units on its upper levels.  According to the DEIR, the low-rise building would offer an assortment of loft, studio, one- and two-bedroom apartments, 14 of which would be reserved for very-low income households.  Additionally, current plans call for up to five "shopkeeper," units, in which the occupants would be entrepreneurs who operate a street-level business located beneath their residence.

Just over 5,700 square feet of retail and restaurant space would be situated within the project's ground floor, extending an already active stretch of Hollywood Boulevard.  Both commercial tenants and residents would be served by an at-grade and underground parking garage with room for 271 vehicles and 96 bicycles.

Due to the property's prominent location at the gateway to East Hollywood, architecture firm Carrier Johnson + CULTURE set out to create a local landmark which would provide physical, social and visual connections to its surroundings through variations in building massing, surface treatments and articulation.

The resulting development "[combines] historic Hollywood with cutting-edge design to deliver a progressive aesthetic to Hollywood Boulevard that will withstand the test of time," says Aaron Green, project spokesperson.

According to architect David Gonzales, 5750 Hollywood's design was inspired by the iconic Hollywood themes of lights and motion.  Alternating colors of black and white provide contemporary elements and visual references to the neighborhood's filmmaking heritage.

The design of 5750 Hollywood also attempts to foster social interaction through "vertical neighborhoods," within the building.  This takes the form of various open space amenities, including a central courtyard and a rooftop terrace overlooking the Hollywood Hills.  Other proposed features include a media room, a fitness center and an outdoor pool and spa deck.

Developer 5750 Hollywood, LLC has formulated their plans with another transformative project in mind: Hollywood Central Park.  The proposed 38-acre green space, which is to be built above the 101 freeway, would pass immediately west of the 5750 Hollywood development.  The developer has made numerous unsuccessful attempts to purchase an adjacent automobile repair shop which stands between the project site and the freeway, with the intent of one day incorporating the underlying land into the park.

Besides its scale and prominent location, 5750 Hollywood is also noteworthy for the eastward shift that it represents in the Hollywood real estate market.  Although investment dollars continue to flow into Hollywood's longtime hubs on Highland Avenue and Vine Street, many developers have begun exploring opportunities on the east side of the 101 freeway trench.

Green notes that 5750 Hollywood is leading this charge, and "will be one of, if not the largest, investments in housing ever in East Hollywood.”

Per the DEIR, construction of 5750 Hollywood is expected to occur over 20 months, beginning in Summer 2016 and concluding in Spring 2018.  The project will require numerous discretionary approvals, including a site plan review and density bonus compliance check.