The Madang Open Space project, which endeavored to bring a new park to Koreatown by vacating a portion of Normandie Avenue, has been scaled back according to a motion introduced by City Council President Herb Wesson.

The project's original intent was to vacate approximately 150 feet of Normandie at its intersection with Irolo Street, creating an opportunity to build new open space adjacent to City-owned property now leased by the Korean Senior Center.  However, vacating the entire street has since been found to be infeasible.

Instead, the City will move forward with a scaled down version of the project, which proposes a curb extension to the center line of the roadway.  This would allow for the construction of a linear park, whiel still providing for a one-way traffic between Irolo and San Marino Streets.

Wesson indicates that no additional funding is needed as a result of this change to the plan.