On June 17, the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on an appeal from a group of Mar Vista homeowners seeking to block the construction of a senior housing complex on an adjacent property.

Welbrook Senior Living, a Utah-based developer and operator of housing for older adults, received entitlements earlier this year to construct an eldercare facility at 11351-11411 W. Venice Boulevard.  The project, which would replace a small apartment complex, calls for the construction of a four-story edifice containing 85 dwellings - including 65 assisted living units and 20 memory care units - above 40 subterranean parking stalls.

Costa Mesa-based Irwin Partners Architects is designing the proposed development, which is depicted as a contemporary low-rise structure.  Architectural plans show setbacks along the northern property line, where the building abuts four single-family homes.

The project faces appeals from three neighboring homeowners, each of whom seeks to overturn a March 2020 Zoning Administrator's determination letter approving the eldercare development.  The appellants contend that the proposed development will adversely impact the Mar Vista community, potentially increasing traffic congestion and causing disruptions during the course of construction.  Additionally, each appellant argues that the height and use of the project is incompatible with their neighborhood, and will lead to blocked views and reduced property values.

Two petitions were also submitted to the Planning Department, bearing the signatures of neighboring residents opposed to the proposed development.  Several individuals identifying themselves as homeowners also e-mailed the project's case planner to argue against the project.

The Mar Vista Community Council, the City-recognized neighborhood council for the area, has issued a letter of support for Welbrook's development.

The development site, located west of the 405 Freeway, was approved for the construction of two apartment buildings by a previous owner.  While neither project was completed, they properties were cleared of buildings, and some excavation and shoring work occurred prior to cancellation.