In 2014, plans emerged for "Eighty Cool Rooms," a boutique hotel near the Hollywood/Western subway station.  The proposed development, which was slated for a vacant lot at Hollywood Boulevard and St. Andrews Place, stalled out when its developer failed to obtain zoning variances for the project.  With those hotel dreams crushed, a different entity is now moving forward with an alternate scheme for the .2-acre property.

According to a case filing from the Los Angeles Department of City Planning, the new plan for the lot at 5600 Hollywood Boulevard calls for a seven-story structure featuring 32 apartments above approximately 1,300 square feet of ground-floor commercial space.  The project would set aside three of its residential units as affordable housing.

Unlike Eighty Cool Rooms, the new proposal does not appear to conflict with the Vermont/Western Station Neighborhood Area Plan (SNAP), which governs new construction for much of the area east of the I-101 freeway.  Although SNAP limits hotels and other commercial projects to a maximum 35-foot building height, new residential developments within its boundaries may rise up to seven stories.

A larger mixed-use complex, which also features apartments with pedestrian-oriented commercial space, is now under construction immediately east along Hollywood Boulevard.