Clifford Beers Housing has unveiled the design of a shared street planned in conjunction with a permanent supportive housing project in South Los Angeles

The Isla Intersections development, previosuly known as Isla de Los Angeles, would replace a vacant lot at 283 West Imperial Highway with a five-story building featuring 54 residential units and 900 square feet of ground-floor retail.

Designed by LOHA, the project is to be constructed out of recycled shipping containers.  It is one of a handful of such projects planned or under construction in the City of Los Angeles.  The first opened on Colden Avenue in South L.A. in November 2018, and another is now taking shape on Alavarado Street in Westlake.

The shared street along the perimeter of Isla Intersections is being built in collaboration with the Annenberg Foundation, and will be called the Annenberg Paseo.  According to the Clifford Beers website, plans call for a "wall of lush greenery called a living lung," to wrap the space, providing a filter for pollution from nearby freeways.

Though new to Los Angeles, shared streets are commonplace in many parts of Europe and Latin America, where motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians comingle in the same area.  CB Housing intends for the space adjacent to Isla Intersections to be used for events such as fairs and farmers markets.

Speed limits for shared streets in Los Angeles are limited to five miles per hour, according to the City of Los Angeles's Complete Street Design Guide.

Other members of the Isla Intersections project team include co-developer American Family Housing and landscape architecture firm Superjacent.