In October, the City of Los Angeles broke ground on a nearly $20-million project which will transform a 2.9-mile stretch of Reseda Boulevard through the addition of new pedestrian and bicycle safety infrastructure. With nearly two years of construction in the rear-view mirror, the latest in LADOT’s periodic e-mail updates on the makeover offers a glimpse of what has been completed to date.

New bus boarding island at Strathern St. and Reseda Blvd. (Before/After)LADOT

According to LADOT, work on the project has to date included 100,000 square feet of sidewalk repair, 12,000 square feet of gutter repair, as well as the construction of 46 new curb ramps and 11 accessible loading zones. Likewise, new bus boarding islands have been built at 11 locations along the corridor, which will allow buses to stop without pulling over, and double as a curb to separate the adjacent bicycle lane from traffic.

The project, which will stretch between Victory Boulevard in the south and Parthenia Street in the north, will eventually include:

  • high-visibility crosswalks;
  • 11 bus boarding islands at 9 intersections;
  • protected bike lanes separated from automobile traffic by vertical bollards and concrete islands;
  • new loading zones and curb ramps;
  • new left turn arrows at 8 intersections;
  • 13 bioswales;
  • new shade trees;
  • pedestrian lighting at bus stops; and
  • a crosswalk with flashing beacons at Napa Street with a median pedestrian island.

New bus boarding island at Ingomar St. and Reseda Blvd. (Before/After)LADOT

At the time of the project's groundbreaking, completion was expected over a 28-month period concluding in April 2023.