We don't hear much talk about skyscrapers in-between Century City and Downtown Santa Monica, but some recent events might change that.  A filing with the Department of City Planning indicates that a sizeable mixed-use development is on the way at 11750 Wilshire Boulevard.  Specifically, a 376-unit residential high-rise accompanied by a one-story retail building.  The 2.8 acre parcel, which straddles the West LA - Brentwood border, is owned by Santa Monica based Douglas Emmett, Incorporated.  The property currently houses the 17-story Landmark II office tower, a surface parking lot, and a low-rise structure which contained a Pavilions grocery store up until earlier this year.   While the case filing is mum on details about the height of the proposed tower, the small surface parking lot offers little in the way of easily buildable real estate.  Unless the plan also calls for the demolition of the former Pavilions location, there's nowhere to go but up.  Coincidentally, this project would be located directly across the street from another tall residential building that recently made the news.  The mid-century Barrington Plaza, also owned by Douglas Emmett, was the site of an 11th floor apartment fire back in October.  The 52 year old tower is not equipped with an emergency sprinkler system, as its construction predates the state law which mandates their presence in all high-rise buildings.  It's probably safe to assume that whatever rises at 11750 Wilshire won't have the same problem (knock on wood).