Crews have removed the protective covering of Downtown's Garland Building, revealing its restored brick and terra cotta facade.


The 11-story building, located at 740 S. Broadway, is being restored by San Francisco-based Presidio Bay and Los Angeles-based 740 South Broadway Associates.  Plans call for more than 50,000 square feet of office space on its upper floors, with 3,200 square feet of retail at street level.  

The Globe Theatre, which also occupies a portion of the building's ground floor, will be retained as an entertainment venue.

Downtown-based architecture firm Omgivning is designing the historic restoration project, which will also add a new basement bar space and reactivate an original stairway that went unused for a century.

Construction of the project, which received $7.8 million in financing last year, was originally scheduled for completion in December 2019.

Several other vintage buildings in the near vicinity are also in the midst of restoration, including the Tower Theatre - which is becoming an Apple Store - and the Merritt Building - which will also contain offices for rent.

The renovation of a larger complex, the Broadway Trade Center, is currently on hold.