In a ribbon-cutting ceremony held last month, Orange County-based homebuilder City Ventures  marked the completion of Rosewood Village, a new residential development near the Citadel in Commerce.

Exterior of Rosewood Village in CommerceCity Ventures, Inc.

The project, which consists of 31 homes, includes a mix of three- and four-bedroom units ranging from 1,263 to 1,554 square feet in size. The final home to go on sale, featuring three bedrooms and three bathrooms, is listed at $709,000.

Other components of the project include a covered outdoor dining area, a barbeque space, and lounge seating.

Interior of Rosewood Village in CommerceCity Ventures, Inc.

The project is the first installment of a larger $80-million development spanning 5.7 acres of land at 5550 Harbor Street, 5625 Jillson Street, and 5555 Jillson Street. City Ventures has approvals to build upwards of 133 townhomes on the property, with 37 additional units set to open through 2024.

WHA designed the three-story buildings, which were described in an environmental study circulated by the City of Commerce as being of the Agrarian and Progressive Spanish architectural styles.

Site plan for Rosewood VillageC2 Collaborative

Besides its new project in Commerce, City Ventures is also developing two similar townhome complexes in North Long Beach.

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