A proposed an infill development in the Westlake area has gone back to the drawing board through Los Angeles' Transit Oriented Communities guidelines.

Earlier today, an application was submitted to the Planning Department for the construction of a 47-unit apartment building at 1363 W. Colton Street.  The proposed seven-story building would set aside four apartments for extremely low-income households, and sit atop one level of subterranean parking.

The project, which is located in a Tier 1 zone under the TOC program, has requested incentives including a 50 percent increase in allowable dwelling units, a 40 percent increase in allowable floor area, a height increase, and relief from open space, side yard, and parking requirements.

The new submission calls for a project that would be both taller and denser than a six-story, 40-unit building approved for the site in 2016.  That project, which included three affordable units, had pursued entitlements through the state density bonus program.