A shuttered fire station in Westchester could be up for redevelopment with affordable housing, per a motion introduced recently by 11th District Councilmember Traci Park.

Fire Station 5, located at 6621 W. Manchester Avenue, shuttered in 2006, when its operations were transferred to a new facility located just north of Los Angeles International Airport. In the years since, the early 1950s structure has remained vacant, and largely untouched.

Park, who was elected to succeed Mike Bonin last year, states that the property should be eligible for redevelopment under the City's Asset Evaluation Framework, which allows sites to be identified for "higher and better uses." Specifically, the former fire station could be suitable for development with housing for seniors, families, veterans, or general workforce members, according to Park.

6621 W Manchester AvenueGoogle Maps

Park's motion, which has been referred to the Council's Housing and Homelessness Committee for further consideration, calls for the City Administrative Officer, Chief Legislation Analyst, Housing Department, General Services Department, and Planning Department to initiate a review of the 6621 Manchester Avenue site, and issue a report back.

The project site, which sits a short distance east of the Westchester Recreation Center, is a different sort of housing than Westchester may be accustomed to seeing. Recent years have brought mixed-use, mostly market rate apartment buildings to sites at Manchester's intersections with Sepulveda and Lincoln Boulevards.

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