The site of a proposed mixed-use development feature condos and small lot houses in Frogtown has suddenly found itself devoid of buildings, according to photographer Michael Hayes.

The proposed development, called the Blake Avenue Riverfront Project, encompasses nearly five acres of land at 1771 W. Blake Avenue and 2645 N. Blimp Street.  The project, which was entitled by Harridge Development Group, calls for the construction of 100 single family homes - four of which would be mixed-use buildings featuring 2,260 square feet of ground-floor commercial space  - and a 17-unit condo complex with an additional 1,347 square feet of ground-floor retail.  Plans also call for the preservation of three existing warehouses, which would be repurposed as 25,000 square feet of commercial space.

Zago Architecture is designing the project, which would consist of an array of three-story aluminum-clad structures.  Open space amenities - including a children's playground, a dog park, and an exercise circuit - would be interspersed throughout the property.

Construction of the project is expected to occur over 12 months, according to past environmental reports.