A quarter-mile northwest of Metro's Expo/Crenshaw Station, grading and construction activities have begun for a low-rise office building.

The project, located along the south side of Jefferson Boulevard between Wellington and Virginia Roads, is designed in building permits as a three-story edifice containing offices, retail, and restaurant space above a parking garage.

Per an initial study published in 2018 by CRA/LA, the new development will include approximately 18,000 square feet of space on its upper floors - designated as medical offices - with 5,700 square feet of ground-floor commercial uses and semi-subterranean parking for 93 vehicles.

Construction of the project, which is depicted in renderings with a series of rooftop terrace decks, is expected to occur over an approximately 12-month period.

City records list the project's general contractor as Excel Property Management Services, Inc., a West Hollywood-based entity based out of the same offices as the developer Charles Company, which obtained development rights for the redevelopment agency site in 2016.

Charles Company has proposed a slew of larger mixed-use projects across Los Angeles County, including District Square - a housing and retail development slated for a large empty site at Crenshaw and Obama Boulevards.  A Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge recently ordered the approval of the proposed 577-unit complex, finding that the City of Los Angeles and South Los Angeles Area Planning Commission had lacked violated the State's Housing Accountability Act in a November 2019 decision to block the project's construction.

The new offices at Jefferson Boulevard follow on the heels of a slew of similar developments in Jefferson Park and West Adams, including a $48-million complex along Exposition Boulevard which is slated to be the new headquarters of the restaurant chain Sweetgreen.

CIM Group and the Luzzato Company both have similar office projects in predevelopment nearby.