Six months after breaking ground, little progress is evident as the site of a new boutique hotel in Downtown Long Beach

The project from developer Yogesh Patel calls for the construction of a five-story building featuring 34 guest rooms and an automated parking structure, reports Longbeachize.  

An elevation from architecture firm Gilmar depicts a contemporary low-rise structure, with its main entrance along Long Beach Boulevard highlighted by an orange tower element.

Construction began for the hotel in December 2018, with earthmovers clearing away a 50,000-square-foot parking lot.  As of late May 2019, the site is now graded, but the only other signs of progress are duct work along its northern face and rebar along its southern frontage.

The project is one of a handful of low-rise developments now taking shape along Long Beach Boulevard, where the Blue Line - soon to be rebranded as the A Line - makes its approach to Downtown Long Beach.