A presentation from Mayor Eric Garcetti's Great Streets Initiative has shed new light on the pedestrian-friendly makeover planned for a short stretch of Crenshaw Boulevard in South Los Angeles.

The proposed improvedments would span a half-mile of Crenshaw between Florence Avenue and 79th Street.  The range of improvements will include:

  • New curb extensions, shortening pedestrian crossing distances.
  • Improved landscaping along existing parkways.
  • New medians with street trees and pedestrian refuge.
  • Improved ADA ramps.
  • High-visibility "zebra" crosswalks.
  • Signal modifications at high-injury intersections.

Examples at 76th Street and 79th Street are illustrated in the images below.

According to the presentation, expected benefits of the project will include improved walkability, pedestrian safety and reduced speeds.  This particular stretch of Crenshaw, located just south of Metro's upcoming light rail line, was selected due to its high rate of injuries.

A project timeline points to a phased implementation of the improvements, starting with temporary striping and bollards from August 2017 to August 2018, and a buildout of concrete infrastructure in September 2018.

The City of Los Angeles' Crenshaw Boulevard Streetscape Plan envisions gradually extending these improvements north towards the Santa Monica Freeway.