The Los Angeles City Council has voted to approve the release of appproximately $48.8 million in multifamily revenue bonds for the construction of three affordable housing developments in South Los Angeles.

The first project, which is being developed by Affirmed Housing, would replace a small apartment building at 12003 S. Main Street with a five-story structure containing 56 apartments - including 55 units of permanent supportive housing - with a small back parking lot.

The proposed development, called the Dahlia Apartments, would receive approximately $16.8 million in funding.

The second development, which comes from LINC Housing Corporation, calls for razing a collection of small commercial buildings in 11408-11422 S. Central Avenue with a new apartment complex featuring 64 permanent supportive housing units and one manager's apartment.

That project is slated to receive $26.9 million in bond financing.

Clifford Beer Housing has requested $5 million in funding for the construction of the Isla de Los Angeles development, which would rise at 283 W. Imperial Highway.  The proposed development, designed by LOHA, is to be built out of repurposed shipping containers, and will provide 53 units of affordable housing and one manager's apartment.

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