A striking multi-family residential building is now taking form in the Pico Union neighborhood.

The project, located at 1038 South Mariposa Avenue, consists of a five-story wood-frame structure featuring 32 residential units, an underground parking garage and a rooftop amenity deck.  It is currently unclear whether or not the development is being built as rental apartments or for-sale condominiums.

Mariposa, designed by Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects, is described as "deriv[ing] from a pure square exruded upward to fit tight on its lot."  The building's exterior walls curve inward, while its balconies protrude outward to provide unique city views.  A carved opening provides interior courtyard space and a method of cross-ventilation for the residences.

Completion of the low-rise development is currently on pace to occur in 2016.