Los Angeles County is considering a proposal to explore "alternative recreational uses" for the struggling Victoria Golf Course in Carson, according to the agenda of this week's meeting of the Board of Supervisors.

The proposal - which comes from current lessee Plenitude Holdings, LLC - calls for converting a portion of the golf course into a more expansive recreation facility, potentially featuring tennis, soccer, and golf, in addition to after-school youth development programming that would be run by the Doug Kimmelman Foundation.  Additionally, Plenitude could construct complementary uses on the property, including a multi-purpose indoor sports facility, meeting space, and a fitness center.

Located at 340 E. 192nd Street, the property is a former landfill that operated from 1948 through 1960, before being acquired by the County and converted into a golf course in 1966.  It has been operated by Plenitude Holdings since 2015, which has invested $800,000 into improvements at the course's driving range and other facilities.  Nonetheless, the course has underperformed relative to the County's other courses, generating just $19,407 during 2017, compared to an average of $1.38 million at other properties.

The potential move by the County is also prompted by the Department of Parks and Recreation's 2016 parks and needs assessment, which found that Carson averages just 1.5 acres of park space per 1,000 residents - less than half the County average of 3.3 acres per 1,000 residents.  An existing park is located just north of the property, also on the former landfill site.

The County may enter into an exclusive negotiating agreement with Plenitude, pending the approval of the full Board of Supervisors.  The conversion and any development costs would be funded by the lessee.