Tower cranes remain in action high above Westwood, as UCLA pushes forward with the construction of its $870-million student housing program.


West of the campus at 900 Weyburn Place, the concrete from of the Southwest Campus Apartments now stands high above street level.  The trio of concrete-frame buildings - ranging between eight and ten stories in height - will provide housing for 2,279 upper-division undergraduate students and graduate students. 

Completion of the $383-million complex is expected in the second half of 2022.


A short distance east at the intersection of LeConte and Gayley Avenues, the concrete frame of a 17-story dormitory is now complete at the former site of a UCLA Extension office building. 

The squat high-rise structure, which uses tiered building heights to offset its mass, is slated to offer 1,167 beds for upper-division graduate students. 

The $210-million high-rise is slated for completion in late 2021.

Farther north, construction is also in progress for a $237-million dormitory at the former site of UCLA's Parking Lot 15. 

The new residence hall, designed by Mithun, will consist of two eight-story structures containing 1,781 beds for first- and second-year undergraduate students. 

The $237-million project is slated for completion in late 2021.

A fourth building - the Levering Place apartments - is already complete.  Located at 885 Levering Avenue, the 10-story building provides 216 student beds.


In total, the under-construction and recently-completed developments will cost approximately $870 million and generate roughly 5,400 new beds for students.

Other additions to the school's student housing portfolio are located far from campus.  The University of California recently purchased a series of completed and under-construction apartment buildings in Sawtelle to use as UCLA dormitories.

UCLA is also poised to build 100 apartments reserved for faculty on a currently vacant site at Hilgard Avenue and Lindbrook Drive.