Landscape architecture firm Studio MLA has unveiled new renderings for proposed improvements to the Lower Los Angeles River.

The 19-mile stretch, which spans from Vernon to the river's discharge point in Long Beach, is flanked by a mix of working-class communities and legacy industrial uses.

A proposed revitalization plan, which was unveiled earlier this month, calls for opening up access to the concrete-encased waterway and identifies numerous opportunities for new parks, affordable housing, and active transportation infrastructure.

Studio MLA's contributions to the effort include conceptual designs for green space at the river's confluence with Compton Creek, a wetlands park at Wrigley Heights in Long Beach, and a series of bridge parks.  The firm has also crafted designs for linear green space running beneath transmission lines, as well as a "kit of parts," for improvements and add-ons to existing infrastructure along the river.

Potential funding mechanisms for the Lower L.A. River revitalizations include a proposed state-level bond measure that could go before California voters this summer.