After six years of reporting on real estate development, architecture, and urban planning in Los Angeles, Urbanize recently expanded its reach through new sister sites covering Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Detroit, and New York City.  Now, we are taking the opportunity to pull back the curtain and showcase our plans for the future.

Today, Urbanize is proud to announce the imminent launch our seventh site, Suburbanize LA, where we will cover parking lot construction, new drive-thru restaurants, highway expansions, and all the things in-between.

Needs more lanesWikimedia Commons

Do you have a greenfield development located far from public transportation, employment districts, and other basic amenities?  How about a hillside mansion in a fire hazard severity zone?  Suburbanize LA will tell your story.

Angry about bike lanes, bus lanes, road diets, and all of the other things that cause traffic for single-occupant automobiles?  Suburbanize LA wants to empower you and other voices of reason willing to speak truth.

Are you a nosy HOA board member who wants their next-door neighbor's garage repainted eggshell white, not frickin' off white, because damnit Terry, why do we even have CC&R's if you're just going to ignore them?!  We agree.

And don't even get us started about RHNA.

Stay tuned for more, and look for future Suburbanize sites in other cities nationwide.  Let us know what you'd like to see from this new venture in the comments below.

Levittown, Pennsylvania - the first time we got it rightWikimedia Commons