A draft environmental study published by the Los Angeles Department of City Planning sheds new light on a proposal to expand the historic Sunset Gower Studios campus in Hollywood.

Hudson Pacific Properties, the owner of the more than century-old film studio, submitted plans to the City of Los Angeles in 2017 to redevelop portions of the 16.5-acre site with new offices, production space, and surface parking.

The Gensler-designed project calls for razing several smaller buildings within the interior of the campus to make way for the construction of new five- and six-story office buildings.  An existing parking lot at the southeast corner of the property would be redeveloped with a new garage.

The centerpiece of the proposed development is an 18-story office tower, which would rise along Sunset Boulevard immediately west of the studio's main entrance.  The contemporary high-rise structure would have a sloping roofline - peaking 300 feet above ground level - with multiple setbacks to create terrace decks.

The completed project, which could be built in phases, is expected to add up to 467,000 square feet of new offices to Sunset Gower Studios and 1,335 parking stalls.

The environmental study currently forecasts an approximately four-year construction period, starting in or before 2024 and concluding in 2028.  Construction would begin first with the high-rise tower fronting Sunset Boulevard before proceeding to the new offices at the interior of the campus.

Sunset Gower Studios, developed in the early 20th century on former farm land at Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street, was previously home to Columbia Pictures before becoming an independent production facility in the 1970s.  The property sits cattycorner to CBS Columbia Square - a former radio broadcast facility which has since been repurposed as offices by Kilroy Realty.

Hudson Pacific Properties also owns the neighboring Sunset Bronson Studios Campus - formerly home to Warner Bros. - which has been similarly transformed with a series of large office buildings.  The bulk of the campus is now leased by Netflix.