A year-and-a-half after City Councilmember Paul Koretz suggested an LADOT parking lot in West Los Angeles as an opportunity site for permanent supportive housing, a development for the property is now in the works.

A report from the City Administrative Officer recommends that the City of Los Angeles should select the Weingart Center Association and Valued Housing to develop affordable housing on the 10,500-square-foot site at 11010 W. Santa Monica Boulevard.  The two developers have proposed a building which would feature 50 residential units.

According to the staff report, the proposal from Weingart and Valued Housing is estimated to cost $391,039 per unit - or approximately $19.5 million total.  This is $138,961 lower than the average cost per unit of new construction from the most recent round of Measure HHH projects, which averaged $530,000.

The development team has requested $7 million in Measure HHH funding through their response to a request for proposals issued for the site.

Renderings depict a contemporary low-rise structure, standing five stories in height.

The staff report is scheduled to be heard at the September 18 meeting of the City Council's Homelessness and Poverty Committee.  The Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department anticipates that an agreement between the City and the development team will be executed in September 2020.

Weingart Center, based out of Downtown, is currently planning two high-rise affordable housing complexes near its headquarters at 6th and San Pedro Streets.

Valued Housing recently opened the 24-unit Casa Carmen senior affordable development in Pico-Union - a joint venture with 1010 Development Corporation.

Interested in finding affordable housing? Visit housing.lacity.org.