Today's TBT features a pair of shots of DTLA's skyline taken from the east- one from November 2013 and the second from December 2015. Among the visible differences:

  1. Onni Group's 33-story LEVEL Furnished Living tower is missing from the 2013 shot, but completely finished in the 2015 shot. For those of you keeping score, LEVEL was in fact already under construction in November 2013 but was just 3 stories high.  It also hadn't been assigned the LEVEL moniker yet, and was still known as 888 Olive Street.
  2. The Wilshire Grand Center - now close to topping out - is completely absent from the November 2013 photo.  Like LEVEL, it too was already under construction in November 2013, but was little more than a hole in the ground.  The "big pour" for the 73-story tower's foundation was still three months away.
  3. At the Metropolis site, phase one's 38-story condominium tower is barely visible in the second photo (look to the right of the Watermarke Tower.)  Two years earlier, it was nothing more than a windswept parking lot alongside the 110 freeway.  Metropolis would not even break ground for another eight months in July 2014.  All things considered, an amazing amount of progress has occurred in a relatively short period of time.

Which skyline-altering projects are you most looking forward to two years from now?