In response to an ongoing shortage of student housing, UCLA is looking is now laying the groundwork for the development of approximately 4,500 beds to be available by the 2020-2021 academic year.

The university has identified five sites around its Westwood campus that could be used for the development of new dormitories.

Lot 15

Located on the far west side of the UCLA campus, the property is currently improved wth a surface parking lot and two storage buildings.  These existing uses would be removed to facilitate the development of new student housing.

Warren Hall

Located at Weyburn Place North at the southwest corner of the campus, Werren Hall currently various facilities such as the Hillblom Islet Research Center.  The existing building and adjoining parking lots would be demolished to accommodate the proposed housing.

University Extension

University Extension, or UNEX, is currently located at 10955 Le Conte Avenue.  The existing building is "seismically deficient" and would be demolished to allow for the development of new student housing.


The proposed housing site is currently an undeveloped hillside lot at the intersectino of Gayley Avenue and Strathmore Drive, adjacent to Bradley International Hall.

Drake Stadium

The proposed housing units would be developed above the existing concourse of Drake Stadium, which is located in the central zone of the campus.

Next Steps

UCLA has initiated the environmental review process for the new student housing A full buildout of the project would allow the university to increase the housing guarantee for first-year students from 3 to 4 years, and increase the guarantee for transfer units from 1 to 2 years.