Earlier this year, it was revealed that UCLA was kicking off the environmental review stage for a project that would expand its student housing capacity by 6,900 beds.  The ambitious project, which designates five sites for new construction across the Westwood campus, will allow the university to meet the capacity promised by its 2016-2026 Student Housing Plan.

Lot 15

Located in the campus' northwest zone, Lot 15 would see all existing structures removed to facilitate the construction of up to 1,800 undergraduate beds.  Plans call for two mid-rise buildings, standing eight and ten stories in height, featuring approximately 353,000 square feet of total floor area

Laundry facilities, common living and lobby areas, a mail room, and a laundry facility would be included at Lot 15.

The Sunset Canyon Recreation Center is considered an alternative site to Lot 15, which is not currently used for parking.

Warren Hall

Warren Hall, located at the southwest zone of campus, would be demolished to allow for the construction of three mid-rise buildings standing between eight and ten stories in height.  The total new construction would consist of 650,000 square feet of floor area, creating 488 beds for graduate students and 1,862 beds for undergraduate students.

Other uses at the Warren Hall site would include meeting spaces, a grab-and-go cafe, a mail room and laundry facilities.

An adaptive reuse of the building is also under consideriation in the project's environmental impact report.

University Extension

The University Extension site at Gayley and Le Conte Avenues is slated for the most ambitious component of the project.  UCLA proposes to demolish an existing eight story structure to allow for the construction of a 20-story tower, featuring 1,350 upper-division undergraduate beds.

Plans also call for common study and meeting spaces, a mail room and laundry facilities.

Bradley International Hall

Two mid-rise structures are slated for the Bradley site, which is located along Gayley Avenue south of Drake Stadium.  The seven- and eight-story buildings would total 122,000 square feet of space, featuring beds for 600 undergraduate students.

Other facilities at the Bradley site would include a dining hall, meeting space and laundry rooms.

Drake Stadium

The narrow space to the west of Drake Stadium is slated for a pair of nine-story structures.  The two buildings would feature 800 undergraduate beds across 240,000 square feet of floor area.

Plans call for similar features to the other proposed building sties, as well as new space for athletic programs associated with the stadium.

No parking is being considered at any of the five sites beyond what is required by state and federal law.

The Daily Bruin reported last week on tensions between UCLA students and Westwood residents over the proposed housing projects, noting staunch opposition from nearby property owners to the potential construction at Lot 15 and at the University Extension site.  Some left the meeting threatening a lawsuit against the project.

Construction at all five sites is expected to be complete between 2021 and 2022.  Each would likely come into play as part of the 2028 Summer Olympics, as the UCLA campus is expected to serve as the Athlete's Village.