The University of California is purchasing a collection of new apartment buidings in the Sawtelle neighborhood from developer CIM Group.


The properties - collectively known as "The Boulevard," - are located along on multiple properties along the south side of Santa Monica Boulevard between Westgate and Stoner Avenues.  They include structures located at:

  • 1515 Westgate Avenue;
  • 1522 Westgate Avenue;
  • 1519 Granville Avenue; 
  • 11760 Santa Monica Boulevard; and
  • 11800 Santa Monica Boulevard.

The four- and five-story building, two of which replaced former automobile dealerships, comprise 338 total apartments and approximately 60,000 square feet of ground-floor retail and restaurant space.  Current tenants include Target, Health Spot pet store, and AKT Fitness.

The seller, CIM Group, has already completed four of the buildings.  A fifth, currently under construction, is on pace for completion in December 2020.

According to a representative of the University of California intends to use the currently vacant apartments as housing for UCLA students - with the ground-floor retail space to remain.  The residential tenant mix has not been determined at this point in time.

The purchase of The Boulevard campus comes as UCLA is in the midst of a nearly $900-million expansion of its on-campus student housing capacity.  The completion of three ongoing construction projects will add more than 5,400 beds.