While picking up some dinner at the Wood Cafe in Culver City, I noticed a forklift and a backhoe hanging out on the dirt lot across the street.  Earlier this year, LA Business Journal reported (via Curbed LA) that Canadian based Bastion Development Corporation had plans for a 30 unit mixed-use building on this corner.  It appears that Bastion has started prepping the site for construction of the development, now named "Olive."

I like the wood paneling, but that is one extremely loud shade of green.

While this part of Culver City isn't very exciting, several great restaurants are within walking distance of Olive's future location.  In addition to the Wood, I'm also a big fan of Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe a couple blocks west on Washington.  Great Hawaiian food, large portions and very reasonably priced.

Foodies will appreciate another establishment at the corner of Washington and Campbell known as the Alibi Room.  While trendy bars are a dime-a-dozen on the Westside, this one has a kitchen that serves Kogi Korean Barbeque.  Although prices at Alibi are slightly higher than at Kogi's trucks, I'd say that always having short rib tacos and kimchi quesadillas a ten minute walk from home is worth the extra money.