An Entire Neighborhood Is Being Flipped by a Los Angeles Developer "...CIM is working on 40 properties in West Adams at once. That includes construction of 15 new buildings, two to six stories high, with glass storefronts at street level and as many as 170 apartments above. Other CIM projects on West Adams are hipster bait—industrial spaces reconfigured to lure affluent tech and entertainment professionals." (Bloomberg)

Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority head quits over employee-pay conflict "When she started, she said in her letter to the board announcing her departure, LAHSA employees were making as little as $33,000 and the organization was experiencing an enormous amount of turnover as a result. In March 2021, Marston raised the annual salary of 196 employees at LAHSA to $50,000 and froze the compensation of the organization’s 10 highest-paid staffers, according to the letter." (LA Times)

Reflections of the L.A. uprising: Scars left behind "Cornelius Pettus, former owner of Payless Market, was working the night when fires erupted all over Los Angeles. Little did he know that the fire would also come to his doorstep. Hours into the night, the shop next door, Ace Glass, was set ablaze. Pettus and others in the community stayed up all night to stop the fire from spreading. Today, Ace Glass no longer stands; it is now an empty storage lot....The corner of 57th Street and Western Avenue, where Ace Glass stood, is not the only scar left behind because of the uprising. Today, many vacant lots lie all around South Los Angeles as a direct result of the 1992 riots." (LA Times)

The "crown jewel" of L.A. River parks could cost more than $1 billion "The city paid nearly $60 million in 2017 to buy a chunk of Taylor Yard, a dormant railroad property along the L.A. River, to create a riverside park. That parcel, known as G2, sits to the west of Rio de Los Angeles State Park and downriver from the state-owned Bowtie Parcel. The former railroad properties are now part of the 100-Acre Partnership, which aims to create a giant recreation area by the river." (Eastsider)

Shocking No One, LA Is Number 1 In Smog Pollution Yet Again"We're in the Golden State, but it could just be the light reflecting off all our smog. California was all over the smog list with 10 other cities — including San Diego, Bakersfield, Oakland and Sacramento — also ranked in the top 25." (LAist)

Crosswalk Collective L.A. Posts Instructions for DIY Crosswalks "The Crosswalk Collective sprung onto the scene with professional-looking improvements in East Hollywood last month. They soon came to the attention of Streetsblog L.A. and USA (which included them in a round-up of do-it-yourself tactical urbanism) and NPR. The Collective recently added another couple of safety improvements at the Koreatown intersection of San Marino Street and Serrano Avenue." (Streetsblog LA)