This week, CicLAvia rolled out its schedule of car-free open streets for 2023. Things kick off on February 26 with a five-mile trek down Sherman Way in the West Valley, running between Canoga Park and Reseda. The rest of the schedule can be seen below.

February 26 CicLAvia event in the ValleyCicLAvia

  • February 10: Los Angeles Ale Works hosts CicLAvia season launch party and fundraiser with debut of “seek-la-VEE-ah,” a signature West Coast India Pale Ale, at Ivy Station Complex, Culver City, during the 5-10 pm Night Market (more details announced soon)
  • February 26: The Valley (5 miles), Sherman Way Between Canoga Park & Reseda, 9 am - 3 pm
  • April 15: Mid-City Meets Pico Union presented by Metro
  • May 21: CicLAmini - Watts presented by Metro
  • June 18: South LA – Vermont Ave presented by Metro
  • August 20: Koreatown Meets Hollywood presented by Metro
  • September 17: CicLAmini – North Hollywood
  • October 15: Heart of LA presented by Metro
  • December 3: South LA – Leimert Park Meets Historic South Central presented by Metro

The Downtown Los Angeles skylineHunter Kerhart Architectural Photography

The L.A. Department of Neighborhood Empowerment has announced that elections are now underway for 94 of the city's 99 Neighborhood Councils. Election season will run through June 2023, and for the first time, voters will have the option of casting their ballots in person or by mail. If you have time to spare, and are interested in issues relating to land use, transportation, and housing, this is an opportunity to get involved.

For more information, here is a list of Neighborhood Council's and their election dates: Visit here to find out how to vote in an election via mail: .

Here's what we're reading this week:

Rand survey finds homelessness up 18% in L.A. hot spots where the official count recorded decreases "The Rand study, conducted from September 2021 through October 2022, draws no conclusion on the accuracy of LAHSA’s estimate of the total number of homeless people in Los Angeles County last year, 69,144....Instead, it makes the case that the annual three-day count, going on this week, is subject to a gantlet of error — human, technological and statistical — as thousands of volunteers record their observations on cellphones while walking and driving streets across the county. The flaws in this approach, the researchers argue, limit its value as a measure of trends and as a tool in policy decisions." (LA Times)

Luxury Mall Owner Unibail Balks at Connecting to Future Los Angeles Metro Train Stop "Westfield Century City No Longer Wants LA Metro To Link Mall to $2.4 Billion Purple Line Construction" (CoStar)

Spot road widening on Barrington Avenue in SawtelleGoogle Street View

L.A. Public Works Committee Approves Motion to End Automatic Road Widening "Instead of automatically widening streets as a default, the new default would be keeping streets at their current width. Street widening would be allowed as an exception for 'specific traffic safety or mobility benefits, such as closing a bike lane gap or eliminating a pinch point'" (Streetsblog LA)

Why Monterey Park Community Holds A Special Place In LA's Asian Community And Far Beyond "For millions across the Asian American and Asian diaspora, the Lunar New Year is supposed to be a time of joyous beginnings, good fortune and honoring loved ones both who have left this earth and those who are still with us....On Saturday night, right after a large Lunar New Year festival in Monterey Park ended for the evening, those celebrations of life came to a sharp halt." (LAist)

Cerritos’ Questionable Lawsuit Against Metro Will Impact Construction of Light Rail Line From Artesia to Union Station "A public records request by Hews Media Group-Community News has revealed that Cerritos mayor pro tem Bruce Barrows, who was appointed and not elected, is behind a lawsuit filed by Cerritos against Metro that will unnecessarily delay the construction of the popular West Santa Ana Branch Light Rail Line (WSAB) that will run from Artesia to Union Station." (Los Cerritos News)

Build alternatives for the West Santa Ana Branch light rail lineMetro

Editorial: UCLA rail station is imperative in design of Sepulveda Transit Corridor Project "An effective public transit system in LA County that incorporates UCLA would have major benefits for UCLA students, faculty and staff, along with the city as a whole. Making campus and the rest of the Westside more accessible from the valley, where housing is significantly cheaper than in the rest of LA, will be especially helpful for students who commute....About 2,000 UCLA students and 7,000 staff members currently live in the Valley, according to a fact sheet published by the Westside Regional Alliance of Councils." (Daily Bruin)

See the photos: In a galaxy not so far away, Lucas Museum is taking off (LA Times)

How Los Angeles Remembers: These Fading SoCal Landmarks Capture the Region's Nuanced History "Forgetting is famously what Los Angeles does best. Urban historian Norman Klein called it erasure — the active scrubbing away of what must not be remembered. Despite erasure, memories do have a place in Los Angeles. Some are official monuments. Some are in ruins and need critical excavation. Some require the imagination to be seen." (KCET)

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