As Election Nears, Embattled Sheriff Announces Plan to Expel 5700 Unhoused from Metro System, Acts Like April Ultimatum Never Happened "After threatening to take his toys and go home if Metro did not meet his contract demands, Villanueva is now threatening to dump all of his toys on the unhoused people found on the trains" (Streetsblog LA)

Metro breaks ground on new rail bridge in Santa Fe Springs to enhance safety and improve traffic flow "The bridge will replace the street level rail crossing which will reduce traffic congestion and reduce collisions. The $156-million project is expected to be completed in 2025." (The Source)

Historic Monument Honoring Minority Community to be Unveiled "''Beginning in the late 1800s generations of African Americans, Japanese Americans, Mexican Americans and other residents lived in this neighborhood. They raised families, ran businesses, built churches and shaped Pasadena’s social fabric while combatting racial prejudice and discrimination,' a plaque at the site reads." (Pasadena Now)

L.A. is banning most gas appliances in new homes. Get ready for electric stoves "Citing the climate crisis, the Los Angeles City Council voted Friday to ban most gas appliances in new construction, a policy that’s expected to result in new homes and businesses coming equipped with electric stoves, clothes dryers, water heaters and furnaces." (LA Times)

Does California have enough water for lots of new homes? Yes, experts say, despite drought "Most of California’s water isn’t used by people going about their daily lives at home or work. About 80% of water use statewide is for agriculture, with the rest for houses and businesses." (LA Times)

Unearthing LA’s Pedestrian Tunnels And Their Roots In Our History Of Traffic Violence "The underground passages tell the story of how cars changed our city and effectively exiled children from public streets." (LAist)